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Our mission is to make
solar energy accessible

Our goal is to deliver clean and renewable energy to our clients homes to reduce energy costs while promoting a better future!

We provide specialized solar services and high quality products targeting the local expat communities here in Costa Rica. Our level of services are consistent with the high standards and quality that you would expect in North American and Europe. Our high level of service and products gives us an advantage over our competitors. We offer top tier products at a fair price. We not only want your business, we want you to recommend us to your friends and neighbors.


We avoid lowering our standards by providing our clients with the best products at the best prices up front”. However, if you do find the same products at a lower price, please let us know. The equipment that we promote in our quotations is top tier equipment meant to exceed regular expectations. All of our products have high level industry warranties that are usable here in Costa Rica.

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solar energy

What solution is best for me?

We design residential (large, small, grid-tied, and off-grid), commercial solar applications


Grid-Tied Solar System


Off-Grid Solar System


Grid-Tied Solar System with Energy Storage


Solar air conditioners


Electric Vehicle Charger

PV Solar

A Solar System that allows our customers to benefit from the energy of the Sun, while keeping their connection and use of the traditional electric grid.

Energy Storage

Energy storage allows our customers to save solar energy for later use, whether that be during a power outage or when grid electricity increases in price.

Off Grid Combo

An Off-Grid Solar System suits our customers in remote locations, too far away or too embedded in nature to have access to the electrical grid.

Hybrid Electric Hot Water Heaters

The Premier® Hybrid Electric heat pump water heater from State Water Heaters is the most cost effective energy-efficient option available for consumers who want to save money on their utility bills.


Client Comments

Customer Comments


We were so happy that Neil came out and fixed our system that had just been installed by another installer. We fought for months with that installer to come out to fix their system. Finally we called Sunnyside Solar Solutions and talked to Neil. Neil was very knowledgeable and supportive. He came out and looked at the system and found several issues. He called tech support and with them they went through the system problems one at a time. He had to replace the defective inverter which fortunately was warrantied by the manufacturer, he corrected the solar panel wiring that was wired incorrectly. We watched Neil work with the products tech support group to commission the equipment and now it works great. I don’t know what we would have done without his help. Thank you Neil

Cliff Redelk

I was having problems with the solar equipment that was installed in my house before I purchased it. I called Sunnyside Solar Solutions and spoke with Neil. He came out and looked at our system and found some problems from the original installation. He worked with the manufacturers tech group and they sent out a communication card to be replaced. He also changed some optimizers and rewired the CT’s properly. He did a great job for a reasonable price. I am very happy that he came out to help us.

Harry Bellord

Sunnyside Solar Solutions did a great job on our installation. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. The installation looked great and it was very reasonably priced. I have no complaints at all.

Robert Fairmont

The system sells itself – it’s hard to find an investment that saves you money immediately and you get back your investment so quickly. The ROI makes installing the system an easy decision. Sunny Side Solar Solutions’ service has been excellent – the system and permitting was completed as per the agreement and everything has been running well. The one service issue we had was fixed promptly and Lester got the system back up and running immediately. Lester provides excellent service and value for solar projects in Costa Rica.

Doug and Andrea
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